April 18, 2018

Security Systems

Experience the Peace of Mind of a Security System

The doorbell rings late at night, and you don’t know who it could be. You’re going overseas for a few weeks, and the thought of leaving your Helensvale property empty makes you uneasy. You are on the Body Corporate in Bulimba and people are leaving fire exits ajar. You worry if the security measures in your Wynnum or Coomera shop are adequate. There are many reasons why people come to us for security system advice and solutions.

Protection Revolution Australia helps domestic and commercial customers alike in Queensland and New South Wales acquire the peace of mind that professional security systems bring.

Our many security systems available in Queensland and NSW

At Protection Revolution Australia, we take pride in deterring, disrupting and capturing the crime, as well as help prevent workplace injuries.  For residential and commercial clients you can choose from having an intercom installed in your Ascot Home, , an alarm fitted throughout your Pimpama house, a CCTV camera system to keep an eye on your perimeters in Robina on the Gold Coast or a combination of these and more options. With 3 city offices in SE QLD, we provide security services regularly to several QLD and NSW cities. Our ‘Ultimate Security System’ package is our combination of the latest Alarm and CCTV Camera System with mobile app control and alarm monitoring. The ‘Complete Home Security System’ package is an Alarm, CCTV and Intercom/ Door Phone – adding monetary value and security to your home. Package Payment Plans available. We even have Video Intercom Door Bells that notify you via mobile app when someone rings it!

For commercial or larger residential properties such as housing complexes, child care centres, hospitals, and aged care facilities the same fittings for domestic properties might be fitted, as well as options such as access control systems or on-sight guards some or all of the time to give complete peace of mind.

Our Security System Benefits

When it comes to your home or business, there is nothing better than the Peace of Mind a modern security system can bring. A security system is a visual deterrent to crime, making you several times less likely to be a target than a premise without. A CCTV camera or modern alarm siren on the corner of your home or business makes the thickest of thieves shiver. We only use the latest technology, meaning although you don’t have to use it all of our systems we offer come with optional mobile app or internet control. There is nothing greater than knowing your alarm made it too uncomfortable for a crook to stay in your home and so they left empty-handed. Or capturing footage of a thief or even bad neighbour. We’ve got a comprehensive range of security systems. To keep your property, belongings and loved ones safe on the Gold Coast in Robina to Coomera or Helensvale through Brisbane to Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast and beyond.

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Whether you know you’re ready to install your security system and simply want the best in the business to help you make it happen, or you’d like some more advice on what solutions might best suit your needs, we’re here to help. Reach out on 1300 776 738 for a chat or email us on admin@protectionrevolution.com.au.



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