June 24, 2018

Intercom/ Access Control Installation in East Brisbane


Intercom/ Access Control, Alarm System and CCTV Camera System Installation in East Brisbane


Protection Revolution Australia was called to a renovated ‘Queenslander’ in East Brisbane. The clients required a full security system installation which included an alarm system with back to base monitoring, a CCTV surveillance camera system and a Access Control/ Intercom system with internet connectivity.

After talking through various options with the clients, it was decided they would have a 5mp Hikvision CCTV System, an Alarm System with touch screen keypads and a Hikvision Villa intercom which has mobile/ internet connectivity. We will focus on the Intercom/ Access Control installation for this post.

The Intercom/ Access Control system chosen is one of the finest available. The Hikvision Villa intercom allows normal video door bell use as well as fob access control. It also is able to be accessed via a smart phone app, allowing the clients to unlock the gate, see and speak to visitors when they are not home. A perfect solution for a young family with kids coming and going.

Intercom Installation in an East Brisbane Residence

The Hikvision Villa Intercom/ Access Control unit is a stainless steel outdoor unit with many functions. The Villa Intercom is slightly larger than some of its sleek little brothers, this is due to its Access Control and Internet access capabilities and is usually surface mounted in its housing of recess mounted. Due to the style of house and to keep up with the aesthetics, it was decided this one would be recessed. This means it was going to be installed into the existing post. First it was professionally painted white to match the wood. Then the street numbers were carefully removed and put aside until after the installation. Next step was to mark it out using levels and squares. Our technician then began the slow process of cutting, drilling, chiseling and sanding the unit into the post. This requires patience and precision – not an Intercom Installation for the average security company.

After a few hours of carefully chipping away, re-measuring, balancing and level checking. The Intercom housing cut out was perfect. While technician 1 had been modifying the existing structure/ post. Technician 2 had been cabling the system. Technician 2 carefully dug a trench to the gate, making sure he took the grass out in perfect pieces to transplant it back in. This way we can guarantee the grass will re-root and go back to normal with in a week or two.

The Intercom was then slotted into its housing. The inside monitor was programmed and the mobile app was put onto the clients phone. It was a perfect Intercom Installation. The client was thrilled at the outcome and how great it looked on the post. Now his kids or contractors can have fob access, he can unlock the gate for courier deliveries from work and his wife can have the peace of mind that she knows who is at the gate at her East Brisbane Residence.

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