November 5, 2018

Solar Camera CCTV Security Systems

Installation Gold Coast to Brisbane and rural queensland


Solar Cameras – Panel Powered CCTV Security Camera Installations and Rentals. Gold Coast, Brisbane and Rural Queensland


Protection Revolution Australia P/L proudly offer solar cameras and solar powered solutions to your security needs. To meet a high demand in a security conscious world we proudly offer a range of solar powered security camera installations and rental systems.

Solar powered security cameras are necessary when there is no mains power or access to mains power is complicated. These installations and rental systems are typically are on council parks, farms and large commercial sites. Some residential properties on acreage may also benefit from solar powered security systems. A well built system will need to be able to run regardless of bad weather. In sunny QLD this typically means we need to provide 2-5 days of battery life at full consumption. Protection Revolution Australia is lucky enough to work very closely with a large solar company of whom is a business partner of ours. This allows us to source only the best quality panels as opposed to cheap imports and calculate requirements to a fine art. Combined with out industry leading installations and expertise when it comes to security cameras, this results in some of the best built solar systems on the market (if we may say so ourselves).

We can provide a tailored system, installed anywhere in Queensland. Alternatively we can build kits to suit your requirements and truck them Australia wide. This could be equipment only or a full system ready to mount on its block or drop into its hole and flick a switch!

We tailor all our Queensland Solar Camera installations to the clients requirements. Our basic kit comes with 2 or 3 High Definition cameras and a solar sensor light. Some clients may also require a siren that goes off on movement in particular hours and remote 4G viewing (smart phone or computer). Solar Security Camera Systems connected to the internet can also receive alerts when there is movement to a smart phone or control room. Our systems are able to hold between 2 and 365 days recording, depending on your surveillance footage requirements. This will change the size of the panel, battery and enclosure dramatically.

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solar system in a coal mine
✔ Remote Control PTZ Cameras
✔ 4G Modem Installed
✔ Up to 3 Tonne Block (Min 1T)
✔ Fork Lift/ Crane Attachment
✔ Custom Sized Pole & PCD
✔ Mines, Councils, Construction etc
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Solar Powered Cameras
✔ 4K Super High Definition Site Security
✔ Mobile APP Viewing/ Notifications
✔ BYO Concrete Blocks OK (We do supply if needed)
✔ Wireless Link To Site Office
✔ 5 Days No Sun Battery Life
✔ 4K Super High Definition Cameras
✔ 100KM Long Range Wirless Link
✔ Mobile APP Viewing/ Notifications
✔ Extra Large 330W Solar Panel
✔ 7 Days No Sun Battery
Basic, in ground system suitable for farms with long range wireless link (Through trees)
Solar Security
Solar Security
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Example 1/3- Basic Solar Powered Security Camera Installation in Ormeau, Gold Coast – Queensland


Solar Camera Photo

  • 2x 5MP Hikvision Cameras
  • 1x 4MP Hikvision Camera
  • 45 Days Recording (Large Panel Required)
  • 5 Days No Sun Battery Life
  • 4.5m Concreted Galvanized Pole 100mm x 100mm
  • Large LG Premium Solar Panel (Smaller panels available for less days recording)
  • 1200 Lumens Sensor Security Light
  • 4G Remote Viewing via mobile or computer app

Live view below from this installation. Notice the COLES truck on M1 Nrth Bound

View from security camera solar powered site security


We custom build solar panel security camera systems to your requirements for installation across the Gold Coast, through Logan, Brisbane and beyond!

Above is our standard 3 camera installation and pole heights vary from 4m to 15m. This enclosure is big enough to fit a large battery, Hikvision NVR and a 4G Modem for remote alerts and mobile connectivity. We are also able to have several of these systems link together wirlessly to cover large QLD rural or park areas requiring Solar CCTV Surveillance (See Example 3).

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Example 2/3 – XL Solar camera system installation in Steiglitz, Gold Coast (North East) – Queensland


security snapshot solar view of camera

Live Footage


  • 3x 5MP Hikvision Cameras with 40m Night Vision
  • 60 Days Recording (Large Panel Required)
  • 5 Days No Sun Battery Life
  • 5m+ Concreted Galvanized Pole 100mm x 100mm
  • Large Premium Solar Panel (Smaller panels available for less days recording)
  • AGM Premium Battery
  • Heavy jacket weather proof enclosure
  • Siren with blue strobe on motion detection
  • Remote viewing via mobile or computer
  • 4G Modem Installed
  • Motion detection notifications to mobile app

✔ Custom built and locally sourced equipment

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Example 3/3 – Wireless Network. 4 Pole Solar Surveillance System (relocatable blocks to cover large sites) in Jacobs Well, Gold Coast (North) – Queensland.

Photo of multiple solar camera systems

View from solar camera system

Live Footage


  • 4x Poles with on board recording, interlinked through 5G wireless network (Up to 4km)
  • 8MP Megavision/ Hikvision CCTV Cameras with 30m IR
  • 3 – 90 Days Recording
  • Motion Detection with Alarm Notification
  • Voice Warning system with pre-recorded message
  • 5 Days No Sun Battery Life
  • 5m Galvanized Pole 150mm x 150mm
  • Concrete blocks – Can be moved if large plant or machinery is moved
  • Main Hub (4G Modem with larger battery and panel)
  • AGM Premium Battery
  • Heavy jacket weather proof enclosure
  • Remote viewing via mobile or computer
  • 4G Modem Installed
  • Mobile App (Remote Connectivity)

✔ Custom built and locally sourced equipment


This ‘Solar Surveillance System’ is a complex network of solar security cameras. Installed south of Brisbane in Jacobs Well, its job is to detect and notify site officers the moment people are on site. It has audible pre-recorded messages to warn people they are trespassing after hours and sends videos/ pictures to the site officers phones. This is an early detection system, site WHS benefit and productivity managing system. Installed on 1700KG concrete blocks, it is robust however movable if the layout of the site changes. These solar cameras are high definition and capable or recording and streaming live and past recorded footage, through a long range 5G network system and 4G modem.


Custom built systems, trucked around Australia

The below three systems were tailor made for a large gold mine, they required remote access as well as local access with a screen. These systems had license plate counting and license plate recognition to count the trucks on council roads. The also had high definition cameras to monitor the security of the area. We can custom build systems to any specifications and deliver them Australia wide.

pre made solar systems

These systems were trucked to a Gold mine in North Queensland. The were ready to be mounted onto blocks and turned on!

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Solar Panel Surveillance Security Cameras from Molendinar on the Gold Coast, through Yatla, Brisbane and Rural Queensland

We can provide solar cameras/ solar powered security systems across every corner of Queensland, from councils/ shires to commercial or residential installations. Our teams are able to transport the equipment and install where ever you need cameras and there is no power! We can also use similar systems where there is power however you wish to keep everything separate from the house. This installation is typical of farms or mines requiring CCTV Cameras on Poles with remote viewing access.


solar system in a coal mine

This system was delivered by us to a coal mine Baralaba, QLD. Ready to be commissioned, it only requires the camera to be screwed in and the switch to be turned on.

Pick up, delivery or installed!

The systems below have been picked up by our customer who is a data and security company whom contracted the construction of these systems to us. They are now installed on major roads for North Queensland Councils/ Shires counting vehicles and monitoring road works. Two of these systems also included Licence Plate Recognition cameras.

These 4 systems were loaded into a customers trailer and driven to Far North QLD for the local council.

Civil and Industrial Temporary Solar Conversion

The below photo is of a couple of Department Main Roads cameras we temporarily converted to solar while the contractors installed mains power on a motorway upgrade. We are able to convert any security system to solar power permanently or temporarily. This could be on a purchase or rental basis.

Temporary Solar conversion on a few Main Roads QLD

Rental Solar Camera Systems

We offer a wide variety of systems for customers to either rent or buy and have installed by our licensed teams. Our rentals are available for short or long term which suits civil, construction and event industries. We have a fixed pole rental system to suit low budgets or set plans as well as our caged systems of which we can move around during construction phases as needed. These systems can have motion detection mobile notifications, alarms on site and also sensor flood lights. Cut out material theft, vandalism and trespassing with the presence of one of our systems. Instant notifications means the police can be alerted the moment perpetrators are on site. This means no more repeat offenders, no insurance claims or loss of site productivity.

Temporary Rental Solar Surveillance Systems for Construction

This residential complex was undergoing major construction works and needed to temporarily move their surveillance system to a solar powered pole. There was a camera installed up high to get an over view of the area and driveways, a camera installed to cover letter boxes and another to view the office entry. This system was in place for only 3 months, it included a siren which would activate if the cameras were tampered with in any way and notifications to mobile phone. The complex managers were able to remotely access the system 24/7 and download footage to their phones, computers or ipad.

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