July 23, 2019

Apartment Building Security Camera Installation – Brisbane and Gold Coast

Security Installation Gold Coast


Apartment Building Security Installation


Protection Revolution Australia has installed thousands of cameras in new and existing builds for apartment buildings, high rises, hotels and complexes in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and surrounding areas. Many of these installation are for existing properties where security was not installed during construction or after a number of break ins, car vandalism or letter box break ins. We can install security cameras in any building with minimal to no impact to the aesthetics of the building and provide excellent quality footage for future incidents.


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Professional Security Cameras for Apartment Buildings


In the 21st century there is no excuse for poor quality building security sub par security equipment. We pride ourselves on being the best in the business and only install the best quality equipment in the most appropriate areas to ensure maximum security. Our licensed security advisors will meet any owner occupiers, body corporate or authorised persons and talk over the main areas in need of security. We know our cameras and can show you what they would expect to cover, how we will install them and provide advice on other security related products that may benefit the building. Security is not just about getting footage when you need it, its actually mostly about deterence. A well positioned security camera in a high rise, apartment building or complex will deter 75% of crime. In our experience, having cameras in the entrance, in front of lifts and car parks drastically cuts down crime rate and the chances of repeat offenders.


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Protection Revolution Australia’s Promise


Our installations are setting a high bar for other security camera installing companies. We have many developers, builders, electrical companies, real estates, body corporate managers and entrepreneurs referring us work on a daily basis. Our repeat customers know they can trust our judgement and that our execution will be professional and to a high standard. If a body corporate is concerned about any part of our installation we will always return immediately and either explain why we have gone about it a certain way or fix it to their satisfaction. We also promise to beat any quote with like for like equipment and are happy to explain why some quotes may be more or less expensive.


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Type’s of services for Brisbane and Gold Coast Apartment Security


The installation of a CCTV Camera system is a must have for apartment security in Brisbane. This could range from 4 – 16 cameras (or more) and would provide a deterrence and coverage of all main thoroughfare areas, entrances, exits, car parks, lift security, letter box’s and potentially entrance to individual units. Other security services we provide are access control installation, lift access integration, building intercom installation, data installation, alarm systems, patrols, back to base monitoring and can even provide gate and fencing solutions. Our projects range in size from $1500 right up to $250,000. There is no job too big or too small for our company.


Example’s found on this page


Entrance of apartment buidling
The photos on this page are from a Mount Gravatt, Brisbane installation. The developers and body corporate managers of this building have referred us many similar projects, including town house complexes and apartments. The installation took 3 days to complete and included a super high definition security system with a dozen cameras to provide complete security. This particular apartment building has only ever had petty theft, vandalism and minor incidents. It is these ‘minor’ and ‘petty’ theft incidents which can be the most annoying and over time expensive for a building and it’s owners. Broken windows, graffiti, loose change stolen from cars, letter box break ins. Unfortunately it is almost inevitable that these will happen to all apartment buildings at some point. Our job was to provide the deterrence, through cameras and signage while also delivering high resolution 24/7 footage.


Wireless or cabled security cameras for commercial buildings? DIY body corporate?


All of our security systems are hard wired, wireless systems sound good but in theory either don’t work through walls or drop out frequently. Wireless systems will still require a power cable to them or have their batteries changed weekly, so in practicality they are virtually useless or not appropriate for a professional company to use. We can however wireless transmit high resolution images for places we can not get a cable. This involves a wireless transmitter and receiver in line of site and can be sent up to 4km wireless. This equipment is not your cheap DIY rubbish, it requires coding and professional installation back to a head unit, network and power source. It is perfect for adding a camera on a back fence where there is power or around a complex. As with all things wireless there will be occasional need for servicing of the equipment however if installed correctly this could only be once a year or two.


Cabling your security system is absolutely the best security, most cost effective and smart option. A solid copper core cable in a thick sheath, installed inside a ceiling or conduit is going to last for up to 100 years if kept dry. For the building found through this page it was a combination of conduit with saddles every metre or so and time consuming cable pulling through lighting fittings, wall panels and ceiling spaces. It is important that the person installing security equipment in your building is licensed security technician and cabler. DIY systems and handy man workmanship can not out live or perform to the same standards. There are standards to how close cables can come to other equipment and cables which are not only for fire risk prevention but also which ensure the footage and data is not corrupted. Our installers install hundreds of km’s worth of cable every year! In fact on average we run 10km of cables per week! We install hundreds of km of conduit and thousands of cameras a year. So there is no one better to trust with your installation. We would love to provide you the peace of mind and security only a professional security firm can.


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If you’re interested in learning more about our CCTV installation for your apartment building, home or business, or any of our other services including alarm installation or intercom systems, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team. We can have one of our licensed security advisors assess the needs of your site or residence and deliver you an informative, obligation free quote. From the best place to position your CCTV cameras to the types that are required, our team will be happy to provide all the information you need for a successful CCTV installation quote.

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