July 13, 2018

CCTV System Upgrade in a Shopping Centre in Forest Lake, Brisbane.


CCTV Security Camera System Upgrade in Forest Lake Shopping Centre, Brisbane.


Protection Revolution Australia was called to a local shopping centre in Forest Lake, Brisbane to upgrade an outdated CCTV Camera System.

The client had engaged the services of three security companies over several years to service and supply security equipment. All of the previous companies responsible for the maintenance, service and installation of this system had only used band-aid techniques and added to an overwhelming mess of cables. The current recorder in place had several major hard drive issues and was going through hard drives on a yearly basis. The security cameras installed were all working, however the previous technicians had taken no effort in optimising their angles or frames to capture the best possible recording. These existing cameras all needed cleaning and some replacing. This system needed a major clean up and upgrade.

It was decided to replace the recorder with a leading brand, high end commercial recorder with multiple hard drives. This was to ensure there would always be plenty of available evidence for WHS/ OHS, criminal and traffic evidence. The quality of the recorder would ensure the longevity of the system. It was also decided the car park cameras would all be replaced and upgraded to some of the latest CCTV camera technology on the market.

Installation of the shopping centre/ commercial CCTV surveillance system, Brisbane.

The team arrived on site in Forest Lake, Brisbane with a big two days ahead of them. The technicians started by unplugging and pulling out years worth of old cables and equipment from the security room. All the technicians before them from previous companies had only added to the mattered mess. After stripping the area clean they started installing clean cable trays/ trunking to protect and group the cables together. The bench holding the equipment was reinforced and the new trunking/ cable trays were installed under it. Previous techs had dumped all the power and data cables together, over 50 cables in a mattered mess. The Protection Revolution Australia licensed security technicians separated the power from the data cables and pulled them through into their new trunking. Following this all the cables connectors were replaced or re-terminated where necessary. Already it looked like a completely different security system/ control room.

Time to install the new equipment. Over the course of two separate days, the technicians pulled new cables in for a number of cameras as well as swapped out some older cameras. The new cameras installed had several times the resolution and over double the range of view and angles. A marked difference to anybodies eye. Next all CCTV security surveillance cameras were serviced and cleaned. After which the licensed security equipment installers optimised the angles of all cameras over radio contact. One security technician stayed in the control room while the other carefully directed the movements by radio. Finally, all of the cameras were moved around on the screen to allow a monitoring person to easily watch the flow of traffic and pedestrians inside the Forest Lake shopping centre.

The end result was truly satisfying for both Protection Revolution Australia management, our licensed security technicians and the client. Our client couldn’t believe the quality difference in the new security CCTV cameras and was thrilled with the new cameras covering the car parks, entrances and cross walks to the shopping centre. He also didn’t realise just how neat and organised the control room should have looked. The effort spent to segregate the power and data as well as protect all the cables by enclosing them in trunking pleased him greatly. Needless to say, Protection Revolution Australia had proved its word of going above and beyond the competition.

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