June 24, 2018

CCTV Installation in Paradise Waters on the Gold Coast (Residential)


CCTV Security Camera Installation in Paradise Waters, Gold Coast.


Protection Revolution Australia was called to a new construction in Paradise Waters. A large waterfront property in the heart of the Gold Coast. After speaking with the clients, our licensed security advisor on made some suggestions on the best way to ensure the house was covered.

The client wanted the front, sides and back of the house to have surveillance footage that he could remotely monitor by his laptop and smart mobile phone. It was important for him to have a camera facing his pontoon/ jetty and his boats. It was also a requirement that the CCTV System, DVR/NVR and recording equipment all be hidden inside false flooring. Our security company prides itself on offering installations other security companie’s either can’t do or won’t do. It is our job to deliver tailored and customised security solutions to meet our clients requirements.

This particular client wanted something that’s technology was some of the best on the market. It was decided we should install either a 5mp or 8pm Hikvision CCTV camera system in his Gold Coast water front property. The 8mp option would deliver 4K resolution – an extremely high resolution. The 5mp option would deliver just under 2K resolution which is still above a common installation.

Installation of the Security Surveillance system in the Gold Coast property.

The team arrived for the job first thing in the morning. A big day set out in front of them as there was no roof space to crawl through to run the cables. Each CCTV camera needs a cable which would run back to the recorder. The installation was extremely difficult but ultimately very satisfying and completely hidden. Several security camera were installed around the property, this provided over 120% surveillance of the area in an extremely high megapixel resolution. One of the back cameras had a motorized zoom and was focused onto the pontoon, this camera’s zoom can be adjusted by his smart phone and laptop. The other cameras installed used a combination of 4mm security camera lens, 2.8mm cctv camera lens and 12mm camera lens. By changing lens sizes we can adjust the angle the camera sees as well as the clarity and focus of a camera. So that if it was right at the top of the building, its clarity could potentially start over 20m away as if the camera was down on the ground. This security system was truly a state of the art installation, offering complete security and peace of mind. It would not be possible for a would be thief to enter these premises without being captured on multiple security CCTV cameras. The positioning of these cameras were done so to ensure maximum security while keeping in mind aesthetics and crime deterrence.

After a big day installing the security system in his Paradise Waters, Gold Coast home the client was extremely happy with the result. He couldn’t believe how great the clarity was and how neat of our job our team did. Our team was proud, as always to have out done a clients expectations. They left the house in a clean and now secure state, knowing that the had deterred crime and provided peace of mind.

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