What do we do?

We focus on bringing peace of mind and safety on commercial, residential and retirement sites in Queensland and New South Wales. Our head office is on the Gold Coast and we also have an office in Ipswich and Brisbane.


CCTV is our specialty. All of the cameras we use are HD (High Definition) minimum and see clear as day in the night. We have a very large range of equipment meaning we have something for every CCTV Installation. Vandal proof, wireless, dome, long range vision, SONY/HIKVISION/SAMSUNG and of course a speciality – hidden systems and spy cameras. The best way to approach quotes is to have a licensed security adviser from our team asses the needs of the site/residence and then deliver you a couple of options. We talk you through the best places to position them for maximum viewing range and to ensure high risk areas are covered – including entries and exits. All quotes are informative and free.


Your options with our state of the art alarms is endless. We do cabled alarm systems, wireless alarm systems, pet friendly sensors, outdoor alarm systems, panic/medical buttons… or mix and match! To make it an easy process we asses the needs of the site/residence and offer a few options. We use Paradox Alarm Systems which are made in Canada and are one of the best brands in the world. We can also upgrade existing alarm systems. Peace of mind is yours when you have an alarm.


Alarm monitoring is the only true way to secure your site/home. Our 24/7 Alarm Monitoring Center is ASIAL approved and uses state of the art alarm monitoring equipment. The moment your alarm goes off our center knows and swiftly follows pre-determined procedures. These procedures are determined on setup and decide what follows. Sometimes that is calling the police and/or a patrol car/ emergency response. A monitored alarm is the only true way to secure your site/home, whether you are there or away.

Intercoms/ Door Phones

Door bells without cameras are a thing of the past. Now you can see who is at the door/ gate, without them seeing you. Our door phones have a camera above the outdoor door station/ door bell (they cant see you) in a sleek design and can have multiple screens/ stations throughout your house. You can speak to the visitor, see them and even unlock the gate from the screen inside. They are very easy to use and make a nice edition to modern home security.

Guards/ Patrols

Protection Revolution Australia proudly offers professional and experienced crowd controllers and guards. Our Patrols are on call for emergencies 24/7 as well as available for events. Whether it be a 21st, 70th, night venue, hotel, shopping centre or sporting event. We have guards and Crowd Controllers available for door work, perimeter control and supervision. In this day and age security is about being responsible, in control and calm. We pride ourselves on our reputation for being approachable and professional.

Private Investigators

Our team of private investigators are highly skilled and connected individuals who have a specialist set of skills to collate information when needed. Our team have years of experience in professions which has given them the skills and contacts to find out information. We are able to collate specific information in confidential reports which will be delivered on agreed terms.

Body Guards

With pleasure we offer a dynamic team of body guards to protect or monitor clients. Whether you need close personal protection, a friendly eye watching from afar or a driver. We are able to work in your requirements. Call us to arrange a confidential meeting and we can discuss your needs and how we can help.

Protection Revolution Australia

We have the credentials!

We strive to bring positivity, peace of mind and safety to all our customers but its important you know we know what we are doing! Protection Revolution Australia P/L holds the appropriate Firm Licenses for all areas of expertise and services offered. Our team all hold the appropriate licenses for the work they carry out. To hold any of these security licenses, holders are required to do frequent Federal Police checks and finger printing! Our staff are highly trained and regularly under go professional development. License numbers are available on request. So rest assured knowing your protection services are conducted by government licensed, highly trained industry professionals who are determined to be the best in their fields.

We love life and believe everyone should be happy, safe and protected. What ever it is you need to secure or keep an eye on, Protection Revolution Australia is determined to offer the best equipment and customer service in the business. That's why we get so many great referrals and keep growing! Its simple!